Best shampoo for hair loss in Pakistan

best hair loss shampoo

Did I hear “hair fall”? Are you suffering from it? Indeed, it is one of the most embarrassing issues that anyone can face. Both men and women suffer from this issue, and immediate action is needed to prevent this issue from getting worse.

There are many ways which can help you get rid of hair fall easily, and the most common one is the use of anti-hair fall shampoo. They are widely available on the market, and all you have to do to get one is go to a store, buy one, and start using it.

In this blog, we are going to discuss the list of the best shampoos for hair fall in Pakistan. So if you want to know, stick around.

How to Choose the Best Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo in Pakistan?

Never get attracted to shampoos that have bold labels like “anti-hairfall shampoo.” It is always best to conduct thorough research before you decide to buy one. Why? Every shampoo is made for a specific hair type, and picking randomly without knowing your hair type, hair concerns, pH levels, and ingredients is not going to help you.

What Is Your Hair Type?

First things first: get to know your hair and scalp type. Using a dry shampoo on an oily scalp won’t help. Do you have a combination, normal, dry, or oily hair? What is the density of your hair? Is it thick, thin, or medium-length? Do you have hair that is straight, curly, or wavy? What is the porosity level of your hair, meaning the ability of the hair to retain moisture?

Determine Your Hair Issue?

Your hair loss could be caused by a variety of factors. It might be due to dandruff, weak hair roots, hair coloring, or scalp issues. So, before you go out and buy your product, you must first determine the root cause of your hair loss. Losing 100 strands is usually normal, but everything above that is a serious issue and you need to figure it out. Below are some ingredients that you need to look for in hair fall shampoos.

Activated charcoal, salicylic acidRemoves pollutants that might clog follicles and can promote healthy hair
Zinc, collagen, keratin, rice protein, biotinHelp in hair strengthening
KetoconazoleRemoves dandruff and is anti-fungal
Ginger, mintPromote blood circulation in the scalp
Shea butterKeeps hair hydrated
Antioxidants, grapeseed oilLessen inflammation and scalp irritation
KeratinLocks moisture and add volume
Pumpkin seed and rosemary oil and green tea extractPromotes hair growth

Important Information You Should Not Ignore

  • Go for sulfate-free shampoos that do not lather much as they are safe for your scalp.
  • Opt for natural ingredients in shampoo.
  • For curly, frizzy or coarse hair, go for those shampoos that tame your locks and prevent hair fall.
  • For extremely thin hair, go for clear shampoo as they are usually mild.
  • For dry hair, moisturizing ingredients are best for hair fall.

Let me guess, now you want to know the best anti-hairfall shampoo in Pakistan, which I am going to discuss.

What Are The Best Shampoos For Hair Fall in Pakistan?

Below is the list of brands of shampoo that you can consider for a hair fall solution.

Fablous Pharma Reegain Hair Shampoo

Fablous Pharma Reegain Hair Shampoo is enriched with ingredients like biotin, keratin, aloe vera gel, and red onion extract that help in nourishing the hair and promoting hair growth. It increases the follicle growth rate, minimizes breakage, prevents damage and promotes volume in hair. So, if you’re looking for an all-in-one shampoo, this is the product for you.

Sunsilk Shampoo

With biotin added, Sunsilk’s Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo makes the promise that it will nourish hair from the inside out to prevent hair loss. This is one of Pakistan’s best hair growth shampoos if you’re looking for healthy hair growth.

L’Oreal Shampoo 

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream shampoo offers proper care for long hair and efficiently repairs hair damage without lessening its volume. If you are one of those individuals who is seeking a hair growth shampoo that also deals with hair fall issues, then this product is for you. It is especially best for those with curly hair who need a lot of hydration and nutrients for their hair.

Dove Shampoo 

Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo gives your hair strands deep nourishment from root to tip, making them shiny and bouncy. The shampoo also claims that using Nutrilock actives in its formulation will reduce hair loss by up to 98%.This Dove Shampoo is one of the best shampoos for hair growth in Pakistan since it is gentle enough to use daily and provides you with much fuller, fully nourished hair.

Pantene Pro-V Shampoo 

The Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Strong Shampoo works best to prevent hair loss, strengthen hair, and lessen breakage. For weak and brittle hair types, it works best since it can help prevent split ends, heat damage, and styling. It is recommended to use this shampoo with its conditioner, which makes it even more efficient in hair fall control.

L’Oreal Shampoo

Use L’Oréal Serie Expert Pro Longer shampoo if you want to strengthen and lengthen your hair. Amino acid-loaded shampoo will give your hair fiber strength and density and fill in split, damaged ends. You won’t have to trim your hair nearly as often because it will grow longer and healthier. L’Oreal Professional shampoos are unquestionably among the best salon shampoos in Pakistan for hair growth and thickness.


I hope you will find this guide helpful and get the best shampoo for men’s hair loss in Pakistan that suits your requirements.

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