Best shampoo for hair growth in Pakistan | The Ultimate Guide

best shampoo for hair growth

Everybody dreams of having thick, long, and voluminous hair. However, due to dryness, breakage, split-ends, and dandruff, it seems impossible to achieve. But there is one remedy for all of these hair growth problems, and that is hair growth shampoos. These are available in different fragrances and contain ingredients that are good for hair.

So, if you are in search of the best hair growth shampoos in Pakistan, then I am here to provide guidance. In this blog, I am going to briefly explain the different types of popular shampoo brands that are available in Pakistan. You can get the one that works best for your hair.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing the Best Shampoo for Hair Growth in Pakistan

Using the right hair growth shampoo will be highly effective in solving all your hair problems. You can easily find a large variety of hair growth products, but how do you know which one is best for you? Fret not, I am here to guide you in selecting the right one.

  • Choose the shampoo according to your scalp type. For example,
  1. Shampoo for oily hair: This type of hair has high scalp sebum. So go for the one that balances the sebum. Shampoos that are specifically made for oily hair are the best, and avoid shampoos that contain cream.
  2. Shampoo for hair loss: Hair loss occurs due to health problems. However, it is also caused by using the wrong shampoo. Go for those shampoos that have herbal extracts and provide proper nourishment to the scalp. Also, those shampoos that prevent hair fall are the best option.
  3. Shampoo for dry and dyed hair: The reason behind hair becoming weaker is because it is exposed to harmful elements from the outside. Shampoos that are designed to regenerate hair follicles should be used. It develops the right moisture level and offers the proper nourishment that the hair needs.
  • Avoid shampoos that contain the following ingredients, such as:
  1. Alcohol: It removes your hair’s natural oils.
  2. Mineral oil and Petroleum: Weigh down your hair
  3. Sulfate: It makes hair  dull, frizzy and rough
  4. Sodium chloride: It causes dryness, itchiness, and hair loss
  5. Formaldehyde: Excessive amounts cause allergies and rashes.
  6. Propylene Glycol: It can cause irritation.
  7. Artificial Fragrances And Colors: It can cause irritation if you have sensitive skin and hair.

You might now want to know about the top shampoos that you can just go into the shop and buy without facing any hassles. It is a question that is on your mind, and I am going to provide you with an answer.

What Are The Best Shampoos For Hair Growth In Pakistan?

Here is the list of the best hair growth shampoos in Pakistan that are widely known for providing effective results.

Fablous Pharma

Fablous Pharma Reegain Hair Shampoo-125ml is on the top of the list as one of the most effective hair growth shampoos. It contains natural ingredients such as Biotin, Mackaderm LIA, PQ-74, Keratin, Red onion extract, SLES 70%, Cocamide DEA, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Glycerin, Pearl, and Aloe Vera gel. This has been shown to increase keratin production, improve hydration, treat the scalp, reduce dandruff, unclog hair follicles, and combat dryness.


Sunsilk Long and Healthy Growth Shampoo contains a high concentration of biotin that helps in repairing your damaged hair and reducing hair fall. It promotes healthy hair and is considered best for those individuals that have dry hair as it provides proper moisture and nourishment.

L’Oreal Paris

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Dream Long Hair Growth Shampoo has proven to be highly effective in repairing damaged hair and does not weigh your hair down. It addresses hair fall, provides the right amount of moisture and nourishment, and is best for curly hair.


Dove Hair Fall Rescue Shampoo is best for people who have thin hair. The hair strands are nourished from root to tip, becoming lustrous and bouncy as a result. It also claims to reduce hair fall by up to 98% as it contains Nutrilock actives. You can use it every day as it is safe and can provide much fuller and deeply nourished hair.


Pantene Pro-V Smooth and Strong Shampoo is known for strengthening your hair and reducing breakage. It prevents split ends and damaged hair and is best for those who have weak and brittle hair. Use it with the conditioner to get effective results quickly. Your hair will become stronger and appear more glossy as a result.


The L’Oreal Serie Expert Pro Longer Hair Growth Shampoo contains a high concentration of amino acids that help in bringing strength and density to your hair and repairs split ends and hair damage. So it saves you from the hassle of trimming your hair, and the end result will be longer and healthier hair growth.


I hope this blog proves useful when you are going to buy shampoo that fixes your hair issues and provides an effective solution.

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